Passionate about Collaboration

About Us

Mark Hurdley
Managing Director

Proactive collaboration

At Combined Perspective, we are passionate about Collaboration and the benefits that it can bring to your business. We support our customers to achieve growth, and success through proactively encouraging our clients to go beyond their own resources and create valuable, productive and long term working partnerships. Our industrial & academic networks represent a broad range of technical and professional competencies from a vast array of sectors. Through bringing organisations together, we can create an environment that promotes a high standard of collaboration whether it is for the purposes of Research, Product Development, Supply Chain or Infrastructure.

Our team prides itself on being honest, professional and approachable. We work with customers to understand their business, but never take over. We share the same passion, understanding and recognise that rarely in business is anything ever done alone. During the past decade our team has gained extensive experience across disciplines in which we operate, supporting clients to gain access to over £30million public and private investment, and initiating over 550 successful business partnerships.

Combined Perspective Services

Commercial Partnering

Our Networks from across industry & academia are able to bring together competencies and commercial experience from a vast array of sectors and business types. Our clients may be seeking a new member of their product supply chain, or a vital business partner to deliver their exciting new product to market. This could be an Individual, an SME, Multinational or University. Our team will then work with our client to identify their requirements, and engage with potential collaborators. Our existing clients and business networks span throughout the World, representing multiple sectors including Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Energy, ICT, Telecommunications and Transport.

Through our Commercial Partnering offer, Combined Perspective supports its clients to establish productive, strategic partnerships. This may be applied to a Product Supply Chain, Technology Commercialisation Programme or Research Consortium, for example.

Project Management

Our Team has an extensive level of Project Management experience, having successfully managed a broad portfolio of R&D and Technology Commercialisation projects during the past decade. Many of the projects which we have supported are consortium based, including multiple organisations of different sizes and cultures. We support our clients to get the most from their collaboration, promoting the benefits of Collaborative Best Practice.

A number of our clients are supported financially through private or public funds. Our areas of expertise within public funding include the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, as well as Innovate UK. We also work closely with a selection European National Funding Programmes from across Southern Europe and Scandanavia. In partnership with our clients, we work to ensure funding Compliance, Quality Management and where necessary provide Administrative support, ensuring that our customer obtains optimum value from their current or future project.

Funding Acquisition

Combined Perspective can provide its clients with access to a range of funding channels to support their next project. Whether it is for the purposes of Research, Commercialisation or Capital investment, our team and its partners have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the International funding landscape.


Combined Perspective is regularly invited to speak at various public events throughout Europe. We are passionate about Collaborative Best Practice and the benefits that it can bring! Many of our audiences have recognised this and want us to promote this internally within their business. We also support our clients to become recognised as a ‘great’ collaborators themselves. We achieve this through being able to offer tailored interactive workshops, designed to support your team members in being able to understand the true meaning and practice of productive collaboration!